WUAG is the UNCG radio station.

The radio station's current frequency is 103.1FM. Also, there is a live stream on the station's website. Also, you can see a live-updating playlist of what is currently playing WUAG.

The first broadcast of the station was over 45 years ago. Since then, several thousands of DJ's have filtered through the station, many working there for their whole college career.

The range of music played at WUAG varies. WUAG specializes in independent music and avoids top 40 hits or singles. The genres vary greatly, from rock to electronic, to a large collection of music amassed over the years WUAG has been on the air. Records dating back to the early 60's can be found in the record room.

WUAG MiscellaneaEdit

  • Jack Bonney is the general manager of the radio station and a faculty member. In addition to Jack's position, the station has six student board members who work in promotions, news, sports, productions, music, and programming. These are paid UNCG student positions filled by active members of the WUAG DJ community who have been DJing for at least a semester. Non-board member DJs are unpaid positions. They volunteer their time because they love the station and its music. The station would not work without those volunteers.
  • Broadcasting and Media Studies students get credit in BCN 190 (freshmen and sophomores) and BCN 490 (juniors and seniors) if they decide to work at the radio station.
  • In the past, interviews with some of the world's most famous people, including a live broadcast with Richard Simmons, have been broadcast on WUAG.
  • Concert updates are given at the :45 of the hour, as well as the event calendar. Public Service Announcements (PSA's) are played on the :30's of the hour.
  • If you would like to volunteer as a DJ, please contact Jack Bonney at 336-334-4308 to apply.
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