Spartan Survival Guide

Spartan Restaurant (formerly known as The Caf) is the place where students congregate for many of their meals. Because of the way the meal plans are set up most freshmen eat here a lot. As they get later in their years some switch to increasing amounts of Flex (formerly known as Declining Balance) so they can eat in other places around campus.

Food Stations[]


This is the current home of the "Action Station", a relatively new addition. On weekdays, during lunch and dinner, the Action Station offers an entrée that is prepared while you wait. The upside of this is that what is being prepared is usually fairly good. The downside is that you could easily end up waiting 5-10 minutes for some of the more popular offerings.


This is the grill with staple items including hamburgers, fries, and grilled cheese. During the week, they add at least two additional items during Lunch and Dinner. Wanda often works this section and is made of win.


Usually very good quality (relatively speaking), usually Southern-style food. Almost always edible.


The area on the far side (where Spencer's used to be) has the healthiest menu options... veggie burgers, mixed field greens salad bar, hummus, etc.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • If you get a chicken sandwich from the grill you can go to the subs station and ask for honey mustard for a pretty good meal.
  • Try mixing the juices and the sodas for some interesting combinations.
  • If you want to keep your cereal from getting soggy just put cereal in the bowl and put the milk in a glass. Once you're done eating whatever else you got you can dump the milk in and wont have to worry about soggy cereal.
  • If you get rice make sure to put some salt or pepper on it to give it some sort of flavor.
  • There are "safe" foods and "risky" foods. "Safe" foods are best left for when you really don't want to try anything new, you just want to eat a meal that isn't terrible and go. "Risky" foods are stuff you eat when you want something new. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don't so it's a toss up but when they get it right you can eat a pretty good meal.
Safe Foods
Fruit (especially fresh fruit - there's not much the caf cooks can do to tamper with it)
Chicken Sandwich (spicy and non)
Dumplings (usually)
Risky Foods
Everything else